The UK Pot hole Plague

A new report from the Transport Committee has condemned the worsening state of road networks across the UK, describing them to be in an “extreme state of disrepair”. The primary problem? Potholes.

The report highlights the headache and risks potholes pose to drivers and local communities – economic development, vehicle damage and pedestrian safety are just a few of the problems raised when potholes come to mind.

Furthermore, fixing these roads will cost the country an incredible £9.8 billion – for us in London, that’s the equivalent of £32 million per council!

Funding Opportunities Restricted

However, local government revenue funding has fallen by about 25% since 2010, and the local authorities given funds will tend to place it into other areas such as social care. Because of this, decisions on road improvement tend to be short term and reactionary, rather than being built for long-term benefit.

The Chair of the Transport Committee, Lilian Greenwood MP, said:

“Most people won’t have to go further than the local shops to spot a pothole that poses a risk of injury or damage….Now is the time for the Department for Transport to propose a front-loaded, long-term funding settlement… Almost every journey begins and ends on local roads: the DfT must work with the public and local authorities to make them safe.”

Potholes are one of many reasons why it’s important to have your Motor Insurance up to date; you cannot rely on local councils to fix the problems immediately and you should have all areas covered considering any accidents and emergencies brought from potholes. Keep reading Cubit Insurance for updates to London driving as they happen!

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