Cheap Home Insurance

Whether you let a single home or own a large portfolio, getting the right cheap home insurance in place is one of the most important, but potentially time-consuming, tasks for any residential landlord.

Our cheap home insurance will not only protect your capital investment, but also cover you for possible claims tenants may make against you.
And we’ve made the whole process of buying cheap home insurance from us simple and straightforward, with flexible payment terms to help you manage costs better. We can also bring multiple addresses under a single policy, which for you means less paperwork and greater security, with fewer renewal dates to remember – or forget.

We can insure all types of tenanted properties, from professional, student and DSS lets, through to holiday homes, block of flats, unoccupied properties awaiting tenants, and even those for asylum seekers.
And, if you’ve a property that’s a little out of the ordinary, ask us anyway – you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the flexibility we can bring to insurance cover.