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An individual is making a big investment with time and money when they pursue the career of a black cab driver – making it all the more important to protect your livelihood day after day, week after week.

As experts in ​public hire insurance​, we understand the risks and pressures you face, which is why we do our very best to provide you with insurance that’s cost effective and efficient. We’ll work hard to provide you with a policy that’s tailored to you and your business, whether that’s fully comprehensive or third party. And when you see our quotes, we’re certain you’ll be impressed by them.

Personalised Insurance

Whether you operate a single cab or you have a fleet of them, we offer you a wide range of policies to provide the cover which is right for you. It’s important for public hire vehicles to to be protected from any potential incidents which may arise; so give one of our experienced advisers a call on 020 8889 3333 to get the right price on Public Hire Taxi Insurance, They’ll be happy to help you get the cover that’s exactly right for you.

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What is Public Hire?

Public Hire cars are generally known as black cabs, the British taxis available from taxi ranks and high streets. They also have orange lights on the top, to inform the public if they’re available, and are used for travelling shorter distances around town.

Public Hire Insurance​ is what’s needed to insure these types of vehicles, so that they receive the correct form of hire and reward service.

Why do I need Public Hire Insurance?

For you to drive anyway in the UK, the least you’ll need is third party insurance, which protects you in the face of any damage you cause to a vehicle or property. However, once a car becomes part of a business, comprehensive cover is needed. ​Public Hire Insurance​ is a taxi insurance​ specific to those who wish to operate under a black cab license.

It’s also important to check the local licensing regulations within your area to ensure you have the correct standard of public hire insurance, as the ​wrong ​ insurance could leave you without cover and without a replacement vehicle should you be involved in any incident.

Public Hire Insurance for Taxi Fleets

If you own or run a public hire taxi business, it’s likely to be more cost effective to insure the entirety of your fleet. Not only will this save you money, but you won’t have to waste time managing paperwork for each individual insurance policy. A fleet can be insured from as little as three vehicles, across a selection of vehicle types.

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Does Public Hire Insurance need Any Additional Cover?

Alongside public hire insurance, it’s also recommended to have public liability insurance; not because it’s a legal requirement, but it will protect you from third party claims – which includes injury to passengers and road users. If you’re living in London, some local authorities have a specific minimum level of public liability insurance requirements in order for you to be driving legally. There are a number of possible cover options you should consider; loss of earnings, breakdowns, illness and injury all have an aspect of insurance available to cover them. You can give us a call on ​020 8889 3333​ and speak to one of our experienced advisers who’ll make sure you end up with the best possible deal.

In the meantime, he’s a rundown of the additional elements we cover:

  • Public liability insurance​ for taxi drivers (as mentioned)
  • Policies for both ​Annual​ and ​Short-term​ requirements
  • Flexible​ payment options
  • All​ drivers considered
  • Comprehensive​ cover; Third Party, Fire & Theft; or Third Party Only
  • Windscreen glass cover*
  • Competitive​ rates & discounts
  • Immediate​ cover available

What we Need from You

Looking for ​cheap taxi insurance​ is natural; nobody wants to pay out of their financial capability. But it’s important that the cover matches your needs; and in order to do that, we need the following facts from you to make that happen:

  • Location.​ Where you live can determine if a higher level of risk is present – for example, larger cities will have higher levels of nightlife, traffic, disorderly civilians and so on.
  • Your Age.​ Younger drivers can find themselves paying for more expensive taxi insurance- but at Cubit Insurance, we’ll aim to make things as smooth and affordable as possible.
  • Taxi License Experience. ​Should you own a fleet, you need to consider how long your driver or drivers have held their taxi license. This will have an impact on the cost of your premium, so transparency is crucial to get the best result.
  • No Claims Bonus (NCB) Frequency.​ If your drivers have built up a history of no claims, this will be in your advantage and will be considered when presenting you with a quote.
  • Type of Vehicle.​ The price for your insurance will be higher if you have a vehicle with a powerful engine, or it runs on a particular type of fuel. If you’re yet to purchase a vehicle for this career, the above should be considered.
  • Voluntary Excess.​ If you have money available, by paying towards any claims or expenses, you raise the voluntary excess which lowers the cost of the premium.

UK Public Hire Taxi Cover

We take great pride in being the leading provider for London Taxi Insurance – but we haven’t stopped there! We aim to be ​the best insurance provider across all of the UK; when you choose us, we ensure you’ll be given cheap black cab insurance which is also high-quality, whatever area you reside in.

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