Cars with Diminished Value

Keeping your fleet in top condition is always a priority, but those renting from you might have habits which damage the long term value of your vehicles. Read on to find out what they are, and consider renewing your terms and conditions in the future!

Regular Health Check-ups for your Car

Maintaining your car on a regular basis is essential for safety, reliability and value. You’ll find that the car takes longer to wear out; you’ll find less build-up of dust; the engine will run more smoothly, and so on.

Furthermore, proof of regular maintenance – service history of the car, oil and filter changes, etc.

– shows potential buyers that your vehicles have well and truly been looked after, making a future sales more likely.

Smoking Kills you Car (value)

The lingering smell of tobacco in a car does little to please passengers; and because the smell gets trapped within the internal fabrics and the air conditioning system, you may end up spending hundreds of pounds just to clean and replace them.

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice

Some amateur mechanics have been known to try their hand at fixing their car themselves, using second-hand or cheaper non-genuine parts instead of brand new ones.

If you’ve ever repaired your car with used parts rather than the manufacturer’s originals, it could devalue its overall price and increase the bill for future repairs as they could wear out in half the time of genuine parts.

Buy cheap, buy twice is a phrase you should hold dear in all matters regarding your company. Trying to fix a car with unofficial/non-genuine parts always increases the chances of your vehicle breaking down again in quick succession, especially when it’s down by an inexperienced mechanic.

All the above will only harm your chances of keeping a car in peak condition, and ruin its resale value.

No Doggie Treats Allowed

Alongside cigarette smoke, animal odours are hard to remove and give the car an unclean feel. And if their hairs have found their way inside the various pockets of space within the car, the value of it will decrease.

Paint it Plain and Simple

Should a vehicle need repainting, it’s best to keep it in its original colour; further on down the line, potential buyers can be put off by added options and this will likely reduce interest and value. At the least, stick to neutral colours like silver, black or white.

Don’t be Lazy

Mileage is another factor in reducing resale value, so a car should be avoided in taking routes which are relatively easy. Encourage those renting from you to not use their car when the desired shop is a 10 minute walk away; likewise bicycles and simply walking provide good exercise for your customers.

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