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Faith-based centres are an integral part of any community they reside in, serving the needs of hundreds, if not thousands of people week after week. In such a busy environment, it’s crucial to have it protected from any number of events, accidents or damages which could occur within and without the premises. Faith Insurance will grant you the opportunity to run a continuous, smooth-running environment in light of any of these unforeseen events taking place.

How Important is Faith Insurance?

Faith insurance will protect your spiritual hub from any accidents or incidents resulting in damage from fire, water, electricity and more. It will also provide protection for all staff and the general public. Such protection is vital in light of any events which you could be affected by.

We provide Insurance Services For:

  • Churches
  • Synagogues
  • Gudwara
  • Temples
  • Mosques & Masjids
  • Madrassah
  • House Mosques
  • Independent Faith Schools Insurance
  • Faith Centres
  • Community Centres
  • Unoccupied Faith Premises
  • Faith Charities Insurance
  • Faith Building Insurance
  • Faith Construction Insurance

What does Faith Insurance Cover?

As our cover options are high in number, it’s down to you what you want us to provide. We have the following:

  • Buildings – in the onset of an event such as a floor or a fire, your centre could be affected by significant material damage; our insurance helps you cover the loss of potential revenue occurring from such a situation, helping the centre get back to its feet in no time. You’ll also be covered for any costs of legal action brought to or from your premises.
  • Contents – ideal to protect the contents of your business premises, including equipment and tools - if any are damaged, lost or stolen, replacement or repair costs will be covered.
  • Public and Employer’s Liability – essential for any organisation who interacts with members of the public, you’ll be protected from compensation claims for injury or damage made from anyone. Likewise, you’ll want to be covered for any situation in which a member of staff seeks compensation due to injury, illness or damage during their work on the premises.
  • Trustees Liability and Employee Dishonesty – those who are trustees, directors, governors, committee members, officers or employees of a charity, club, association and not for profit organisation will need to be financially protected. Such individuals are made susceptible to claims of personal liability or any errors made in light of their responsibilities. This can lead to fines compensation claimed and in worse cases, imprisonment. Having trustee insurance means that, in the event of any individual board member being sued or worse, there are no long term detrimental effects to the organisation as a whole.
  • Money Cover – for any loss of money, occurring on the premises itself or in transit to a bank for example.
  • Terrorism – protects against any loss or damages following an act of terrorism, which would likely cause significant damage to property and human life.
  • Theft – for protection against the theft of property, which can be from the public or an employee.
  • Fidelity – protection against any loss following fraudulent acts carried out by employees, such as counterfeiting, computer fraud, embezzlement, forgery, robbery, safe burglary and wire transfer fraud.
  • Legal Expenses – covering legal expenses following all legal disputes, which could have a damaging effect on finances otherwise.
  • Computer and Electronic Equipment – cover for repairs and replacement of damaged or broken down equipment.
  • All other risks – including charity & fundraising events, modular buildings, mosque houses, Independent faith schools, faith community centres, and many more

Why choose Cubit Insurance?

Whilst we take pride in our variety of cover options, we also want to help you in all aspects of your business, making it as easy and as beneficial to yourself and others as possible. The following points help provide an overview of our commitment, experience and success:

  • We offer the best insurance solutions for all faith communities
  • We understand and assist you in your unique risks; faith communities are often vulnerable to specific risks that must be managed and monitored
  • A combined experience of more than 20 years in the insurance industry including solid relationships with varying faith communities, helping us develop an ideal understanding of this sector’s unique insurance needs
  • We use A rated and AA rated insurers to earn your piece of mind; you’ll always be insured from the best of the best.
  • We use A rated and AA rated insurers to earn your piece of mind; you’ll always be insured from the best of the best
  • We provide bespoke policies tailored to your unique requirements at competitive premiums
  • We provide free quotations and onsite risk evaluations

Take a further look online or give us a call on 020 8889 3333 today to discuss how best we can accomodate you!

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