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Cheap Motor Insurance might be readily available… but finding motor insurance which is right for you isn’t so easy.

Cubit Insurance prides itself on providing products which can cover you no matter your needs. Whether you drive a black cab, limousine, minibus or any other for of private car hire; or whether you need fleet insurance for your pool cars and vans, fulfilling your needs is our priority.

We’re also up to date to all the top specialist insurers, so you’ll always get the best deal currently going, with great discounts for your private car or fleet. And cover can be provided immediately; there’s no need to worry about costly waiting periods when affordable auto insurance is a click or two away!

For more clarity, we’ve provided the following breakdown:

What is Motor Insurance?

The role of motor vehicle insurance, also known as automotive insurance, is to provide you and your vehicle with complete protection from physical damage or any loss occurred from natural or man-made calamities. Understandably so, motor insurance is essential for each and every driver to have; but there are various forms of motor insurance, varying in the risks they cover and the legal rulings behind them.

Third Party Only

The minimum legal requirement. Third Party Only provides compensation should you injure others drivers or civilians (including passengers) during an accident, as well as any damage you’ve accidentally inflicted upon a property. However, any damage caused to your own vehicle must be covered by yourself.

Third Party Cover and Theft

Like the above, Third Party Cover and Theft will cover any damages or injuries due to an accident you were involved in; but this time you’re insured for any situation in which your vehicle is either damaged by fire or stolen.


The perks of third party fire and theft are covered, but your vehicle is also covered in light of any it incurring any damage – something highly in the onset of any accident you’re involved in. Alongside these benefits are additional options to consider:

● A courtesy car will be provided for you whilst your own vehicle is being repaired
● Legal expenses will be covered
● A recovery of your uninsured losses (for example, excess)
● Vehicle repairs in case of any breakdown which could occur

When Involved in an Accident

There are some important actions to take, when involved in an accident, to ensure you cover your back and everything is followed through in a legal manner.

If you’re involved in an accident that causes damage or injury to a person, vehicle, animal or property, you must provide your name and address; the name and address of the owner of the vehicle; and the registration number of the vehicle, for those having reasonable grounds to request them.

However, if for whatever reason you’re unable to give your details then you need to report the accident to the police within 24 hours. Likewise, you’ll need to report the accident to us, whether or not you intend to make a claim.

Accidents with Uninsured Motorists

It goes without saying that any accident occurring with an uninsured driver should be reported to the police, as well as us; we’ll assess the situation and advise you if there is any claim to be made. Furthermore, the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) states that compensation should be available to victims of uninsured drivers.

What we need from You

In order to provide you with the best policy, suited to your specific conditions, the following information is needed from you:

● Driving History – do you have a relatively successful past or do you have any driving convictions, for example? Whilst the latter won’t stop us in our efforts to assist you, it will have an impact on how we do things nonetheless.
● Accidents – whether caused by yourself or another party, it’s important to know of any incidents which have potentially affect you or your vehicle.
● Medical History – you may have a medical condition which changes the conditions of what policies are available for you. Again, we promise no discrimination on your behalf, although we’ll seek to find a solution that suits your needs in any and all situations.
All the above information will determine your premium, and just what exactly we can pay out on a claim.

Some Points worthy of Mention

● An insurance policy should always be in the main driver’s name; we might refuse paying out if you’ve taken out insurance only for someone else to use the car most of the time.
● We need to be informed asap of any changes to your circumstances, such as changes of address.
● When taking out or renewing a policy, it’s essential to have your cover note on you, whilst waiting for your policy documents. To drive without it is considered an offence.

Situations where you Won’t be Covered

● Someone not covered by the policy was driving your vehicle at the time of the accident
● Your car isn’t roadworthy
● You’ve bought a stolen vehicle (even if you weren’t aware that it was stolen)
● You were driving someone else’s vehicle
● You driver’s license is invalid
● If you’ve had to run up costs on vehicle hire (although you could claim these back from the other driver potentially)

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Best Motor Insurance



Driving a mini-bus with passengers is a big responsibility, whether taking the family on holiday, the school team to their next match, or hiring it out to customers, so you need to get your insurance right.

That’s why we’ll not only make sure you are meeting all your legal requirements, including licenses, but also that you’ll get the best deal going. We make getting insured quick and simple – and you’ll get the documents you need, including your Certificate of Motor Insurance, straight away, so you don’t have to hang around waiting for the post.


Whatever size or type of business you run, we can make insuring your fleet of vehicles quick, simple and cost-effective. Even if you have a small number of vehicles, perhaps only three or more, fleet insurance can be more cost effective than insuring on an individual basis. What’s more, you’ll only have to remember one renewal date, not several.

We can cover all the vehicles within your fleet – cars, vans or a combination of the two – and tailor a quote based on the number of vehicles, the age of your drivers and how the vehicles will be used.


If you use your own car or van for work or run a team of people who do the same, then you’ll need commercial rather than standard car insurance, if you are to be covered properly.

Particularly now, we know how important it is for businesses to keep costs down, so we constantly identify and review insurance products from a wide range of providers, ensuring that we offer you the most appropriate and cost-effective deals. And, whatever your profession, when covered by our commercial insurance, you can also have the option of your vehicles being driven by any qualified and insured driver


We provide cover for a wide variety of body types which include:

Articulated Truck, Flatbeds, Skip Carriers, Exhibition Units, Rigid Lorries, Tankers, Low Loaders, Selling points.

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Being FCA regulated means we give our clients that peace of mind to be able to deal with all their queries to the industry standard whilst exceling in service

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