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If you’re a landlord, there are a number of potential risks which could affect your property – the condition of the building itself, the items within the building, and more – and the last thing you’d want is to not be covered for them.

With Cubit Insurance, you can be rest assured that you’re provided with the best landlord insurance nationwide, tailored to meet any and every requirement you might need.

Whether you have one property or a portfolio, we’ll make the whole process of arranging and managing your insurances as convenient and easy as possible. You’ll never have to worry about missing a renewal date again, nor will you have to worry about being charged more than is acceptable.

With a wide range of products, be sure to compare our Landlord Insurance Quotes and find something that suits you today!

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Commercial Property Insurance – also known as Commercial Landlord Insurance – is what a property owner needs when they are letting out their properties to third parties, who in turn use them for commercial use. When a business, organisation or group has a rental agreement with you, they become your tenant, and you become a landlord, which is why you need such a policy.

Commercial Property Insurance covers Rebuild Costs, in light of any damage repair or rebuilding; any Loss of Rent should your property become uninhabitable; anything not attached to the walls ceilings and floors of your building, which comes under Landlord’s Contents; whilst often overlooked, Property Owner’s Liability is needed to compensate 3rd parties in light of any property damage or injuries having occurred through negligence; Accidental Damage for any standard damage issues, and Legal Cover for fees incurred during court settlements.

We understand that when you run busy premises, it might help to have everything in one simple insurance package. Everyone’s business and property are unique, so it is good to have the flexibility to choose what is required for you. Your insurance solution is a phone call away.

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home insurance London


Whether you let a single home or own a large portfolio, getting the right home insurance in place is one of the most important, but potentially time-consuming, tasks for any residential landlord.

Our home insurance is split into two areas:
Business Insurance, which covers damage to the structure of your home, including damage to fixtures and fittings, or simply when you’re having a new kitchen or bathroom fitted in and need the repair costs covered, for example;

And Contents Insurance, which covers losses or damage to the materials and/or objects throughout your home, which are not considered to be part of the building’s structure, nor are they attached to the building itself.
Both are considered essential in keeping your property and possessions safe, as well as giving you peace of mind for any potential mishaps in the future.

Our insurance is not only extensive and high quality, but cheap, too. Make your life easier and learn more about our fantastic policies!

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If you’re looking for content insurance only, then Cubit insurance can provide that for you. Contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings from floods, fires, property damage and theft. To understand what this policy will cover, think of it as cover for anything you brought into your home, or what you would take if you decided to move house.

Imagine if you came home today to find that your possessions had been ruined – on top of deciding what you’d need to replace, it’s likely that the cost for such items could reach into the thousands – far more if the person’s house contained jewellery and other invaluable possessions.

This is where contents insurance comes in handy. You’ll be able to protect your stuff against damage due to fire, flooding and theft; in light of that happening, you’ll be covered for replacement costs.

For a landlord, having the right insurance in place is essential to protect your investment and your income. Our aim is to make arranging your policy as straightforward as possible.

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standard home insurance


A standard home insurance policy will generally cover two areas. The first is related to the items and furniture located throughout your house, in light of the big three causes for concern – Damage to possessions, Loss of possessions, and Theft. In the case of home-working, that would be somewhat essential for your electrical goods – anything you’ll be using for work purposes in light of the customer/client or yourself.

The second area of standard home insurance is related to people – being a home-worker means you’re likely to have clients, colleagues, employees or members of the public visiting your home, and because that’s within a business capacity, you’ll need policies in place no different from a conventional business company.

Our Standard Home Insurance policy also has discounts available, so don’t hesitate to contact us; and in addition to this we also offer cover for Valuables and Personal Possessions whilst at and away from the home.

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