Minicab Insurance

Whether you’re a professional working on your own or you run a team of drivers, you know the importance of having insurance that does the job, but you don’t want arranging it to become your job.

That’s why, we’ll make the whole process of arranging your Mini-Cab insurance as quick and simple as possible, so you can get back on the road. This means that even if getting insurance has slipped your mind, you can sort it in just a few minutes, and you’re legal from there on in.

And, because we check out so many insurance providers, we can give you a great deal on the premiums, and that’s important when times are tough. What’s more, we’ll give you a range of ways to pay, so that you’ve got the flexibility to manage costs in the way that works for you.

We offer UK-wide cover, so wherever you are, you’ll have the right insurance, at the right price.

So, the next time you need Minicab, Chauffeur or Black Cab insurance, call 020 8889 3333 and speak to one of our Mini-Cab advisers, who’ll make sure you get the best possible deal. We can even call you!