Earning Customer Satisfaction

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A big part of the pco hire business is to make sure you get good customer feedback from your passengers. But how can you achieve the best marks? The good news is, becoming a great driver is easier than you think – and if you follow our advice, you’ll receive praise from your passengers in no time!

Before a Trip

Ensure your car is clean – tidiness is always appreciated, as is a car which smells pleasant. Clean your car regularly and avoid eating/smoking in your car. A nice, soft air freshener wouldn’t hurt either!


At your passenger’s location doesn’t mean the trip has started; start the trip when the passenger is safe and sound in your vehicle and end it only after the trip has come to a complete stop. Following this method avoids confusion, ensures fares are charged correctly, and earns the respect of the passenger.

The Best Route

Might not always be the one you get on your navigation app. Passengers might know a more smooth-sailing route, or one which cuts a few minutes off the journey time. And remember; the more you know the city, the better you can navigate your way through it!

Driving Safely

Makes your passenger feel safe; and it keeps you both safe, so everyone’s a winner! Follow the rules of driving to the utmost degree; avoid speeding, follow all signals and road signs, don’t move in and out of traffic and drive smoothly; nobody likes quick accelerating and hard braking.

A Polite Driver

Makes a happy passenger. Greeting, being friendly, asking their preference for the radio – these things all add up in the mind of the passenger, including you reducing conversation to a minimum if that’s how they want it!

A Quick Search

For any items or bags will ensure the passenger leaves content; they have all their belongings and they haven’t been rushed out of the car. Again, the little things leave a lasting impression.
And there you have it; follow these little bits of advice and you’ll be the pco hire driver receiving praise in no time at all! escort bayan

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