Commercial Vehicle

Cost-effective insurance for those who drive their own or other’s vehicles for work.

If you use your own car or van for work, or run a team of people who do the same, then you’ll need commercial rather than standard car insurance, if you are to be covered properly.

Particularly at the moment, we know how important it is for businesses to keep costs down, so we constantly identify and review insurance products from a wide range of providers, ensuring that we offer you the most appropriate and cost-effective deals.

And, whatever your profession, when covered by our commercial insurance, you can also have the option of your vehicles being driven by any qualified and insured driver.

We can also make sure that you’re insured for driving in the EU and have the legal assistance you need, should something happen to you or one of your drivers.

And, because we know that arranging insurance for a fleet of vehicles can be time consuming and frustrating, you’ll have your own dedicated account manager to make the whole process quicker and simpler, leaving you to get on with your business.

To find out more about our commercial vehicle insurance, just call 020 8889 3333 and talk to one of our trained insurance professionals who can advise you, not only on the best product for you, but also the amount of cover that you need. We’ll even call you! Just hit the Call Me Back button on our website and tell us when you’re free and someone from our Commercial Vehicle will give you a call.


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