Directors and Officers Liability

Cover yourself against fraud, Data Protection, Health and Safety breaches and more.

From Data Protection through to Health and Safety, there are more and more laws and regulations to make running a business increasingly complex.

And, if you are a senior officer or director of a company, no matter how experienced, it’s all too easy to inadvertently act ‘without due care’.

Should that happen and a shareholder, a member of staff or anyone with a vested interest make a claim, the consequences could be serious or even devastating, if your personal assets were to be seized in compensation or to cover legal costs.

So, with an increasing number of lawsuits being brought against company directors and senior officers, it’s never been more important to be covered against the possibility of fraud, Data Protection and Health and Safety breaches, breaches of duty or trust, negligence, error, mis-statement, omission and more.

However, our experience as insurance professionals means we have the knowledge to help you through this minefield, bringing you the reassurance of knowing that should a case be brought, your business and your personal assets are protected.

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